#7. East L.A. Bamba

#7.  East L.A. Bamba
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East L.A. is more than a section of Los Angeles.  It is a state of Mind. Not only for those who were born there, raised there, hung out there, or witnessed its unique cultural attitude and generational way of life. That's why East L.A. has been so special, to so many, for so long and CONTINUES to do so. It is part of who we are ... it is part of our DNA. 

"What will you do when the Parties Over"... East L.A.'s Miracle Song & Recording. In ending this slice of East L.A. life video/vidnette...I wanted to end on a special note.... Because of my decades of working with Art Laboe what came to mind was end with a special dedication.  The song and recording that came to mind was one that is most dear to my heart.  Over the years, thousands of East L.A. and Oldies fans have shared their miraculous stories with happy tears. They SHARED the positive and life changing impact of one song & one special recording. With that in mind and on behalf of my mother & Father, KHALIQ, maestro Barry White. Glodean and Love Unlimited, Frank V. & Proper dos, Richard Alonzo, Jakki O, Sonny Knight, Jimmy Locke, Theotis Reed, Henry Houston, Leroy Sanders, Little Caesar & the Romans, Cleve Duncan, Ray Collins, Frank Zappa, Don Julian, Brenton Wood, Eddie Davis, Ritchie Valens and his family, Bob Keene, Little Willie G, Dick Hugg, Larry Nunes, Tom LaBonge, Art Laboe , The Lordside G and Harold Velasquez & the Latinos & their classic recording of “The Party’s Over” THAT WAS BORN back stage at East L.A. College."

THANK YOU, GOD, ALWAYS BLESS EAST L.A., Sincerely Paul Leo Politi