1. Father &  Son Creatively Together 

Leo Politi's only self portrait

Even though my father spent his life sketching everyone and everything he only made one portrait of himself and one portrait of me.  I was visiting my father & "told him people are always telling me that you sketched  and made pictures of them." However, I said you never made pictures of me....He said oh yes I have... I made many pictures of you... I kept teasing him, however looking back I think I upset him. Next time I visited him, He came out with the above portrait of me. I said did you paint this... He yes!!! I said it doesn't look like me... It looks like a pirate...He said, I painted that, that's how I see you... You want it more like you take a photograph... That's how I see you.  After my father had passed, my sister & I were at the Getty Museum. They had an exhibit of artist Paul Cezanne, who I was named for.  It was an Ah ha moment, it  finally clicked, the reason  the above portrait  did not look like my father's work is that is that's how he saw me, using strokes etc. of Paul Cezanne...My father was a very simple man... But, he was very complicated...


Leo's only portrait of his son Paul Politi

2. Father and Son = Creating Together

The artwork is by Leo Politi, song was composed by his son Paul Politi and the recording
is by the world renown oldies/doo wop vocal group, Kenny Vance and the Planotones.
Kenny Vance was the foundering  member of Jay & The Americans (discovered by Lieber &
Mike Stoller who also graduated from Politi's alma mater Belmont High School)
Jay & the Americans had many "hits"  in the 1960's and were the opening act for both Beatles and Rolling Stones.  Kenny Vance was also music supervisor on many classic films including American Hot Wax, Animal House and Eddie & the Cruisers.  On television he was the season #6 Music Supervisor for Saturday Night Live.  Kenny wrote & recorded the greatest doo wop record of all time. "Looking for an Echo" They are responsible for keeping the "art form of doo wop music alive."  For many years now, Paul Leo Politi has referred to Kenny Vance & the Planotones ,as the Worldwide Ambassadors  of Doo Wop Music.


3. Ladies Anthem & Shrine to Women & Books

Barry White's Ladies Anthem - A Leo Politi's shrine to woman and books.

4.Cartier Pool Slow Guilty

Yes, I'm guilty....of Loving You....To the 1st Degree....Cartier

5. FedEx Memories Those Oldies

FedEx delivering precious memories. The recording is by the world renown doo wop/oldies vocal group,  Kenny Vance & the Planotones. ("Those Oldies but Goodies, remind me of you")  

6.  Father and Son Creatively Together video

Leo Politi is an Artist, Author, Illustrator, Sculptor, Muralist, Historian, Visionary and Father.
Paul Politi is a Music Composer, Record Producer, Videographer and Son

Celebrating the Life Force. 

7. Leo Politi Celebrated the family, the Soul, the Life Force

Leo Politi  art celebrated  the culture, the family, the soul........The Life Force.

8. Leo Politi's Love Affair with Wood blocks

Leo Politi's Love Affair with woodblocks started at the University of art in Monza when he fell in love with Japanese Woodblocks artwork.... It continued this medium as street artist on Olvera Street in the 1930's and 40's.  Some of the woodblock paintings he sold there were exhibited with the original carved woodblocks in the "THROUGH THE EYES OF THE FAMILY" Pico House exhibit in 2015.

9. Sayonara - Doo Wop Little Tokyo Mieko

Leo Politi artist of the angels sketched Little Tokyo angels during niese week celebration. The
Sayonara doo wop  A cappella recordings feature Pittsburgh's Pure Gold and Los Angeles' Romans
with former Cuff Link Henry Houston on lead.

10. Both loved to Sing, Songs he sang & Paint what  he Loved 


Los Angeles Maestro Barry White was all about LOVE.   He loved to sing the songs he sang.  
Barry's dear friend artist Leo Politi was also about LOVE.  During his life he sketched and painted everyday God's abundance of beauty everywhere, especially the children, as they interacted with nature. 

11. L.A.s Song & L.A. Artists -Back to the Future

L.A. Cultura = East L.A. Bamba..... Valens, Politi & Olvera Street. The immortal Ritchie Valens
spirit is alive and well in song & dance on Historical Olvera Street, in Leo Politi's artwork and in
the hearts and soul of all proud Angelenos.


12. Maestro = Greatest Commandment is LOVE

The day will come when one looks up the word LOVE in Websters Dictionary and as one of its
example meanings, it will direct us to this BarryWhite YouTube Love Video.

13. Young Organic Refreshing French Romance

Young fresh organic romance in Paris..... In a Paris super market, where else?

14. A Refreshing LOVE Story without preservatives

We are proud  to be a part of Chipotle and their fresh way of thinking.  No preservatives...
A happy ever after love story that has wonderful taste that we can all share. 


15. Barry White and Paul Politi 1st Hits Together

Barry White's deep philosophy of love ,positivity,  & music.  -   From the beginning Barry White
& Paul Politi Love Songs - "I feel love Coming On" and "It may be winter outside, (But in my heart its spring)" hits. Featuring Barry White & the Love Unlimited Orchestra, Felice Taylor, Love Unlimited and  the former heatwave song stylist Alex Charles.  

16. Polo = He won the race but LOST his Gal 2 the 1st Degree

Tell the Truth.... The Whole Truth....  So Polo tells it like it WAZ...

17. Father, Daughter and Grandson

July 2nd - 31st, 2015 = Leo Politi's daughter Suzanne Bischof  Politi and Leo's grandson Mitch Politi curated the "Through the eyes of his family" = Artist Leo Politi's a special interactive exhibit about a very simple but prolific man.  Fittingly, the exhibit was held at the Pico House Gallery at the Historic Monument, El Pueblo de Los Angeles, less than a block of way from his "Blessing of the Animals" mural and Leo Politi's precious Olvera Street. The family shared the essence of the man, that Timothy Cardinal Manning once said "The artistic genius of  Leo Politi is the gift of being able 
to penetrate the heart of a child and reproduce in his works the innocence and loveliness of those who reflect the Kingdom of God."

18. I'm Your Ferrari

 " I'm Your  Ferrari" = "I'm giving you a love, every man is searching for & it's your forever more."   

"Under the influence of Love" = Live & Water Ballet 

Experience unlimited love with water ballet &  their performance of their title song
"Under the Influence of Love Unlimited" that HIT Top 3 on the Billboard' s national
album  chart.

20. Love Ain't Easy = Not Until We Try

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21. Falling in Love Medley

Barry White, The Love Unlimited Orchestra, Love Unlimited and featuring Kenny G
with "Falling in Love Medley."

22. Burning Calories the French Way -1st Degree

When in France, just do what the french do............ With innovation, style and a large smile..........       Burning calories " To the 1st degree".

23. I'm Asking 4 Life, I'll serve ALL of my Time

A lady asked where should I apply my perfume.?     She answers..."Wherever you want to be kissed."
Tell the Truth....the Whole Truth...."Guilty in the 1st Degree.

24. Girls can also be playful & naughty!!

Girls can also be playful & naughty ...naughty to the 1st degree...

25. Jakki O = Short  Preview Segway

 A  tiny taste of  "The Queen of  Sensual Soul"  Jakki O

26. Barry White Special with the LOVE

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27. Leo Politi Touch A Heart Mother & Child

There have been three  common threads through all of Leo Politi's art.  One is the priceless bond between mother and her child. He spent his whole life sketching it and trying to capture it on his canvas. The second the importance of reading and all that we can learn from books. The third was diversity... we need understand,  appreciate  and celebrate each other and cherish all of  God's precious creations.  Growing up he constantly reminded  me that "it would be very sad and boring if God only created red roses." 

28. PBS Leo Politi Interview Olvera Street

 After Leo graduated from the University art in Italy he returned to the United States on a freight
ship. Lucky for him,  that was all he could afford. The ship made many stops with long  loading and unloading delays in Yucatan peninsula, Central &  South and America.  The results were life changing for Leo Politi.  When one looks at his body work it is very clear. From his color pallet, text books, children's books and magazine covers that he illustrated. Even his early cubism &  bold deco periods and sculptures.  He was never the same and when he discover Olvera Street, my father said, "I thought I was in Heaven." 

29. Una Ves Mas LA BAMBA & Politi art

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30. Leo Politi Award Getty Books

“I was introduced to Leo’s work by working with children in the inner city. I was captivated by the swallows in Capistrano, by the Mexican, Japanese and Chinese traditions that he wrote about, by the California missions, and the butterflies in Monterey.  She realized not only Politi’s vast talent but also his love of the people and places where he lived.

31. Always delighting to the 1st Degree

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32. The NFL Celebrating LOVE to the 1st Degree

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33.  Johnny Depp's shares his Philosophy HD

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34. Guilty Pleasure Vidnette - Dolce

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35. Paul Leo Politi's New Old Skool Vidnette

East L.A. is more than a section of Los Angeles,  it is a state of mind....Not only for people who have been born or raised here,  all who have hung out here,  & all who have an understanding of, it's unique attitude, culture and way of life.

36. Frank V.  firme Hyna - Dedicated

East L.A. History, 30 years in the making....The story behind these two videos is as follows.  I originally wrote  song "Dedicated to you" in 1961 for Sonny Knight which I also produced & played on. . The song at that time was called "Those Oldies but Goodies are dedicated to you" many years later I had worked on Frank V (Proper Dos) "Firme Hyna" as a result of my producing Brenton Wood's 18 best selling CD. I represented Brenton Wood and negotiated the "Oogum Boogum sample portion of "Firme Hyna" recording. A few years later, I decided to update Dedicated to you rewriting the lyrics, changing the sentimental vibe of oldies to the an East L.A. Ballsier Old Skool Jam. I called on my dear friend KHALIQ  to sing it and  Frank V. to lay his happening dedication rap  in the middle of the recording, while KHALIQ was singing. I got Art Laboe to do his iconic radio thing and the rest is EAST L.A. History.


37. Huggyboyz - Grand Theft Auto

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38. Ghetto Letto Barry White Paul Politi Love Song

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39. The Politi's salutes David Gonzales

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40. Elevate pays "Tribute to the 5 Satins" Doo Wop Lives!

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41. Time for African Fashion to be Celebrated

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